Effective supply chain management is vital in the automotive industry. A well developed system that combines cost control, efficiency, and inventory management has  a significant impact on the ability of a corporation to reach its business and profitability objectives.  OpTech has professionals with the multiple disciplines required to develop and implement not only an efficient supply chain solution, but provide an approach that aggressively pursues reduction in inventory through formal material requirements planning and supply chain strategies with maximum precision.

Our supply chain management professionals can cost effectively design, develop, and operate direct order fulfillment outsourcing for virtually any product. Most project scopes involve end-to-end supply chain management services to include cosmetic repair, refurbishment, and pick, pack, and ship operations.

Our goal: provide a seamless interface between your company, your clients, and OpTech.

Why Outsource Supply Chain Management?

Our clients recognize the need to focus on their core business and build teams with critical competencies in design, development, marketing, sales, and customer facing initiatives for a multitude of products. When it comes to internal supply chain management the multiple disciplines required for an effective operation are often not available with in-house personnel. This is where  OpTech and our team of supply chain management professionals step in and provide expertise, design, and implementation.

Capabilities within the Automotive Sector

International needs? It’s a given. Many products in a supply chain cross the U.S. border to and from facilities in Mexico for specific fulfillment services.

Light assembly? Absolutely.  OpTech provides supply chain services to an array of automotive companies for light assembly and supply chain management.

High Tech Components? No problem.  OpTech has the ability to transfer the repair and remanufacturing of high tech component-based knowledge.  We are fully prepared and capable of handling the rise of integrated-internet infrastructure and the added software element built into vehicles for our automotive clients.