Past Experience


Our client’s principles were introduced to OpTech’s Chairman of the Board during an event announcing the award of a bid for the largest solar farm project in the United States initiated by the City of San Antonio and City Public Service. As a result of this meeting, a business relationship was formed to assist them in establishing a production facility in San Antonio. The operating officers and executives arrived from Europe with virtually no knowledge of business requirements in the United States.

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Toyota, Inc.

In 2006, Toyota North America completed construction on an $850 million dollar state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in San Antonio, Texas.  This plant assembles the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma pickup truck, and has the capability to add other vehicle models. Toyota is continuing expansion of US production with a predicted future annual capacity to build about 2 million cars and trucks in 15 manufacturing plants across North America.

In 2004, OpTech formed a partnership with Vuteq, Inc., creating Vutex, to  support Toyota of North America as a first-tier supplier.  Vutex currently employs more than 800 employees and provides Toyota with Instrument Panel Module Assembly, Trim Parts Sub-Assembly, SPS Operation, Door Assembly, and Glass Assembly.


Our client, a Spanish engineering company specializing in the design and construction of “turnkey” projects in the area of materials handling and mining, was awarded with a contract to build part of a new $610M direct reduction plant in Texas (USA).

The client, with no past experience in the United States market, was in need of a trusted and knowledgeable partner able to meet the high quality requirements of the project to manage their supply chain at the best possible cost.

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In 2001 , an international telecommunications company approached Operational Technologies (OpTech) regarding concerns over quality issues they were experiencing with their current supplier in the production of Local Exchange Terminals (LETs). OpTech was asked to rework existing LETs from the previous supplier and assume new assembly of several LET models to their clients. In addition, the client also required a Value Added Reseller (VAR) to supply their clients with 200+ expansion links, CPUs, expansion bank controllers, associated proprietary control software packages, and replacement channel units. Today OpTech continues to supply the customer with 2 versions of LETs which are critical within their rural applications network.

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