Vutex, Inc.

In 2004, OpTech formed a partnership with a Japanese automotive conglomerate, Vuteq Corporation, to provide global tier-one supplier support to Toyota and other Japanese automotive OEM’s. This successful joint venture company, Vutex Inc., is a Tier-One supplier which assembles numerous components for the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma trucks at Toyota’s manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas.  Vutex, Inc. employs over 900 people in San Antonio, TX and operates a 300,000 sq. ft. facility within the Toyota Manufacturing Plant, in conjunction with an on-site 38,000 sq. ft. satellite glass sub-assembly facility.

Vutex Highlights

  • Toyota encouraged and selected OpTech to partner with a Tier1-One Supplier, Vuteq, Inc., based in Japan. The resulting Joint-Venture Company (MBE), Vutex, INC., is a Tier-One Supplier to Toyota of Texas.
  • A $20 million dollar capital investment was required for establishing a new operation from inception.

Vutex provides Toyota with the following services:

  • Instrument Panel Module Assembly
    • Door Assembly
    • Tundra Rear Bumper Assembly
    • Bin & Bulk Parts Sequencing  and Delivery (SPS)
    • Glass Assembly Operation
    • Internal Delivery of over 2,206 part numbers in Bin/Tote Delivery and 344 part numbers in Bulk Delivery.
  • Sub-assemblies include:
    • Radiators
    • Front and Rear bumpers
    • Front and Rear Consoles
    • Air Bags
    • Brake Tubes
    • Steering Wheels
    • Stabilizer Bars
    • Bumper Reinforcements
    • Air Boxes
    • Engine Main Wire Harnesses
    • Door switches