OpTech’s Mexico Presence

In 2003, OpTech founded Soluciones Tecnológicas Integradas (STI) to offer supply chain management services to companies in Mexico and Latin America.  STI has a physical presence in 77 cities and a network of over 200 dedicated delivery resources.  STI performs Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) services to include sales, delivery & install, as well as the supply chain management which supports these efforts.  The leading telecommunications company in Mexico is our largest client.

Services Provided

  • 80% States Covered (26 out of 32) with 600+ cities covered
    • DSL Logistics services covering over 75% of Mexico
    • Promotional accessories
    • Warehousing and Fulfillment
    • Reverse Logistics
  • Lite Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Turnkey Transformation & Project Management
  • Staffing & Personnel Services
  • Test / Refurbishment / Repair


  • 9 strategically located distribution centers. 
  • Our coverage in 25 states of the Mexican Republic, reaching 624 municipalities.
  • 1,100 Team members serving our clients.
  • 2 plants (maquiladoras) assembly and cosmetic restoration in the north the country.

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas – San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora

  • Delivery to the home across Mexico
  • Awarded contract over incumbent worldwide courier service
  • Network of established subcontractors/partners assist in courier service
  • 50K + modems delivered per month
  • 95% delivery in 48 hours from order
  • Interface to over 350 retail stores & call centers

Assembly / Test



Facility (SqFt)


Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas



San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora



Mexico, DF



Monterrey Nuevo Leon



Past and Active Projects

Supplier Development, Outsourcing, Quality Control and Transportation

OpTech integral participation in the largest U.S. photovoltaic project located in San Antonio Texas where we have developed the following.

  • Reduced costs by 15% per kg of steel.
  • Research and development of competitive suppliers
  • Export Mexico – USA 9M + kg of steel equivalent to 510 freight
  • Product certification to leave plant quality control
  • Management and control of human resources
  • “Outsourcing” (Iron, Engineers, etc.)

Test / Refurbishment / Repair/ Logistics

Under the IMMEX program (Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services) we offer services to foreign clients, services such as assembly, refurbish, testing. The devices that are imported into the country without paying taxes in the program IMMEX. Competitive costs.

  • We Process 14M + units. (Finish Goods)
  • Operation 24 hours / 7 days.
  • 4K + shipments of finished products to USA.
  • 137,882 Sq. Ft. of Industrial Infrastructure
  • We have highly trained engineers and technicians and skilled
  • Control inventory by serial number.

Installations Specialized: We Covered 6 cities in south the country. (Mexico)

Specialized installations of telephone lines (Subscriber Loop) to our customer’s final users. Voice + data lines, renovations, changes of address, etc. migrations.

  • 60K + actual installations.
  • 65 + Specialists currently operating
  • Productivity 1.8 facilities per Technical.
  • Roads in developed fiber optic.
  • Call Center for quality assurance purposes.

Pick Up and Delivered Service 

Synergy with our clients is part of our philosophy, we deliver equipment at home today, stand as modems, phones, and other devices microfilters more than 624 Municipalities in Mexico, Following the protocols of our client republic. We support our operation in sophisticated software.

  • 4M + deliveries at home (residential)
    • 12 hours 65 % of total volume
    • 24 hours 87 % of total volume
    • 48 hours 99% total volume
    • 72 hours 100 % total volume


Why use OpTech

  • Customer centered approach
  • Lower investment risk
  • Immediate response time
  • Quicker Order Fulfillment through our global presence
  • Inventory Control
  • Reduced labor and tax risks
  • 10+ Years of Fulfillment & Warehouse experience
  • Inventory Control – Shipping – Kitting – Pick & Pack
  • 365/24/7 Customer Portal
  • Innovative & Smart Technology?Based Solutions
  • Experience with Brands from a Wide Range of Industries
  • Flex Warehousing Distribution Space
  • Customizable Software Integration
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment Integration
  • Flexible Approach to Each Customer’s Needs